About Minds in Motion Pilates Studio

A little Pilates history...

In Joe Pilates’ original studio, all students began with private lessons; for the majority of students, the main workout would take place on the Reformer and Mat, then would include work on the Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Pedipole, Sandbag, Foot Corrector, Wall, Power Circle, Weights etc., depending on the student’s needs. When the student showed a reasonable level of proficiency and endurance, they began working independently in the studio, under Joe’s watchful eye, being given corrections, stretches, and new exercises when appropriate. 

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Our place in the Pilates World...

Minds in Motion Pilates’ intention is to stay as near as possible to Joe’s original concept, which encouraged the students’ experience and independence, distinct from a group exercise, fitness/fusion or medical approach. Our teaching and business structure has developed over ten years to support this endeavor.

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Mission Statement

Minds in Motion Pilates strives to meet the goal of creator Joseph H. Pilates: to assist the individual practitioner in enhancing their own quality of life by improving overall health and wellness, using a specified series of corrective mat and apparatus exercises coordinated with the focus of the mind. 

How Do I Get Started?

Simply contact us to book a time to visit the studio, free of charge! We’ll chat about your movement history, goals and schedule and come up with a plan that works best for you. 

High Bridge on the Spine Corrector
High Bridge on the Spine Corrector