COVID-19 Information

Provincial Regulations

  • All participants must provide proof of full COVID-19 vaccination
  • Masks are required in all public indoor spaces 
  • A Pilates studio is classified by the government as a “gym”, and must therefore close during Level 3 of New Brunswick’s Winter Action Plan (In this case a pause will be put on all packages and will resume upon reopening. Virtual lessons are available for interested students.) 


Additional Measures

Due to the naturally close nature of teaching Pilates (spotting exercises for safety and communication, changing equipment, etc.), maintaining 2 meters of physical distance can be challenging, especially when teaching new students. Therefore, the following additional measures are being taken:

  • HEPA filter running in the studio during business hours


  • Teacher’s masks are N95/KN95 level


  • Teacher rapid tests* at start of business hours; clients are encouraged to rapid test as close to start of lesson time as possible 


    *while tests are available